Our Program

How did Connect Tutoring come about?

We founded Connect Tutoring with the difficulties of the pandemic in mind. Several of us have siblings that were in and out of school due to school closures or quarantine periods, others of us have tutored for work and know the cost associated with getting extra help. After a stretch of school closures in Alberta, we came together with the idea of organizing a team of students to offer free online tutoring to students who cannot afford or do not have access to educational resources at home.

We decided to help in this way because we know the deep impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had for families. As students, we understand that online school comes with a host of challenges (e.g. less focused help, difficulty, asking questions, limited homework support, self-directed studying, etc.) and as tutors, we know that getting help can be costly. Our mission is to help K-12 students who do not have access to or cannot afford academic support by addressing these barriers to education and offering free one-hour tutoring sessions led by experienced students. We hope that Connect Tutoring has and will continue to ease some of the stress and uncertainty around studying and learning amidst a pandemic.

Our mission is to help K-12 students who do not have access to or cannot afford academic support.

– Connect Tutoring
Connect Tutoring team during our volunteer check-in, April 2020.

How does Connect Tutoring work?

For Students:

  1. Fill out our Potential Students form at connecttutoring.ca
  2. Submit parent/guardian waivers.
  3. We will match you with a tutor.
  4. Start tutoring!

For Tutors:

  1. Fill out our Potential Volunteer form at connecttutoring.ca.
  2. Do an interview call with one of our coordinators and submit waivers.
  3. Apply for a Police Information Check with a vulnerable sector check and submit the results to us.
  4. We will match you with a student.
  5. Start tutoring!

How do sessions work?

Connect Tutoring works by matching students and tutors one-to-one throughout the semester. We offer a minimum of one session a week and offer help in a wide range of subjects.

Our program is available to K-12 students in Calgary or Edmonton that cannot afford tutoring or academic support. Students must be under 18. We have many students sign-up for our service each semester and, while we do our best to match all students, we reserve the service for those that are most in need. If we are not able to match you for your desired semester, we will add you to our waitlist to be matched as soon as tutors become available.

For tutors, we welcome all High School students and university students or graduates. We have students that need help in a wide range of subjects and are eager for tutors with a variety of subject matter expertise.

Please sign-up using either the Calgary or Edmonton tab in the main menu.